Education through Workshops

Education through workshops is an educational method considering learning as a personal and aware re-elaboration of knowledge and skills that, once acquired, can be autonomously used by the pupils in new and stimulating contexts.


The Workshops

They are an occasion to discover the complex reality, an important moment of interpersonal relations, of collaboration, a working itinerary promoting the development of body and mind, that is a rational and emotional development, becoming a setting of action and research.
They are learning opportunities which efficiently integrate knowledge and skills, cognitive and social-emotional aspects, the ability to plan and to work. Occasions to experiment one's knowledge, enhancing personal attitudes.

Ballo dei tre gobi
"Tre gobi" dance, Lorenzo P.

Bambole pezza
Cloth dolls created in the old toys workshop

Salami carta pesta
Pupils creating papier-mâché salami
  • Istituto Comprensivo di Porto Viro (Rovigo) Primary School "Mons. Sante Tiozzo"
Dolci tradizionali.
Pupils learning how to make traditional sweets
 Matrimonio bisnonni
Great grandparents' wedding, Chiara G.

Analisi fonti

Lavorazione maiale
Pork processing, Lorenzo P.


In order to reconstruct the past and understand changes during an active learning, not only studying but also "doing" and "acting" in person is important.

Musiche popolari
Popular music and the instruments of the 18th century small orchestras

Fole nei filo
The tales of the "filò" meetings

Pupils visiting the fossil dunes

Tours in the Territory

For the direct observation of the environment: flora, fauna, wetlands, cultivated lands, human settlements, stimulating the pupils' competence through interaction and comparison with the others.

Ca Cappello fotoCorte Ca' Cappello photographed by the pupils during a visit

Ca Cappello
Corte Ca' Cappello, Stefano B.

Leader+ Community Initiative Measure 2.1 Action 2.1a) "Interterritorial Cooperation"
Project: "Historical-Cultural Heritage Enhancement and Tourist Promotion of the Po Delta Territory"
Action A: Po Delta "Heritage Promotion"