SIC-ZPS IT4060002 Valli di Comacchio
SIC IT3270017 e ZPS IT3270023 Delta del Po Veneto
SIC-ZPS IT3250032 Bosco Nordio
SIC-ZPS IT4060003 Vene di Bellocchio, Sacca di Bellocchio, Foce del Fiume Reno, Pineta di Bellocchio
The site was included with the second project's amendment  and it is in continuity with the SIC-ZPSIT4060002 Valli di Comacchio. The mouth of the river's opening it is in function to the siteValli di Comacchio exactly because is a directly link with the sea. This link with the sea allow to characterized the Valli di Comacchio as salt water, or transitional water, typical of the of the 1150Lagune costiere* habitat. The Gobbino in fact is one of the three canal of communication between the valley and the sea.
The site has a surface of 2242 ha, it extends at North along the Canale delle Vene and proceeds in South direction and tied with the Canale Bellocchio, linkage of the back of the Valli di Comacchioand the sea, continuing in South direction the site extends including the Vene di Bellocchio and theLago di Spina and includes all the coast until the Reno's mouth and the Destra Reno canal to CasalBorsetti. It is separated from the back of the Valli di Comacchio only by the S.S. Romea road and tothese it is linked through the Canale Bellocchio. It represents one of most important site for the biodiversity despite the limitate surface, in fact there are 19th habitat of Natura 2000 where 3 are priorities: 1150 Laguen Costiere*; 2130 Dune Fisse with herbaceous vegetation (dune grigie*); 2270 Foreste dunari of Pinus pinea and/ora Pinus pinaster*. From the species point of view there are the salicornia veneta, more then 40 avifauna species from the annex n°1 of the Direttiva Uccelli.