Natura 2000 in the Po Delta

The delta of the Po river contains the most complex national system of wetlands. Vast portions of these wetlands have been reclaimed. The remaining damp areas that have not been reclaimed have been used for extensive fish-farming, whose first principle is the breeding of fish in its natural environment. A fundamental aspect for the preservation of these areas is then the continuation of fish-farming and consequently the involvement of all the subjects that have taken up this activity. The aim of this project in which both the private and the public sections cooperate is the preservation of the sites of Rete Natura 2000. The project recognizes the value of extensive fish-farming as a productive activity that has contributed to the preservation of these wetlands, whose interest for biodiversity is extraordinary.

Project reference Natura 2000 in the Po Delta - Conservation of habitats and species in the Natura 2000 sites in the Po Delta - LIFE09 NAT/IT/000110
Duration 01-SEP-2010 to 30-JUL -2014
Total budget 4,344,770.00 €
EU contribution 2,172,385.00 €
Project location Veneto,Emilia-Romagna