Expected Results
The expected results are the improvement of water circulation in the two major basins of the Valli di Comacchio, in the Sacca di Scardovari in Valle Bagliona and Valle Ca Pisani.
The realization of approximately 8.7 acres for nesting of Sternidae species, including new bumps and their or benches extension. Of these, approximately 2.7 ha will be made in the Valli di Comacchio and the remaining 6 ha in the Sacca di Scardovari.
The creation of three new freshwater ponds for the breeding of amphibians and Emys orbicularis in Bosco Nordio, 5 open freshwater areas in Cà Mello suitable for breeding of amphibians and Emys orbicularis.
The construction of 20 artificial floating sites in Cà Mello for the nesting of Sternidae species and two berms for the Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), a total of 100 square meters of embankment.