Associated Beneficiary: WWF Italia
WWF Italia Onlus was founded in 1966 as an independent national organization by the WWF International, probably the most important environmental NGO in the world.
In Italy, the NGO is a non-profit organization recognized by a government decree (n. 493 of April 4 1974). It's organized in 19 regional and 300 local sections; currently includes about 280,000 members who can participate actively in the projects' "field" activities.

WWF main activities include:
  • Management of protected areas
  • Action plans and site plans
  • Conservation management of the project
  • Head Office activities
  • Lobby
  • Environmental Education
    Responsible of the Project
    Andrea Agapito

    Technical contact
    Eddi Boschetti - Head of WWF Rovigo

    Administrative contact
    Massiliano Rondanin