Associated Beneficiary: Consorzio di Bonifica Delta Po
The Consorzio di Bonifica Po Delta is an economic authority governed by public law, which implements projects financed exclusively with public funds (national and regional funds) in the delta of the river Po The Consorzio plans and implements hydraulic defense works, irrigation and environment protection. It manages areas that extend over 53.699 ha area, mainly in the province of Rovigo and a small part in the province of Venice. The Consorzio di Bonifica manages the Po Delta Regional Museum of Bonifica di Ca 'Vendramin (in Taglio di Po), and the Oasis of Ca' Mello. The Consortium also provides other services for the area: monitoring (partial) water quality, rivers, lagoons (which serves the fishing and the seafood production) and water used for agriculture, agricultural landscapes and biotopes defense work; cartographic information. It produced publications, organizes conferences and events, spreading information about the history, traditions and local culture.

Tel. 0426/349711
Fax 0426/346137

Responsible of the Project
Giancarlo Mantovani

Technical contact
Stefano Tosini

Administrative contact
Claudia Zampieri